Welcome to BTR!

Here you will feel connected by a strong bond creating a sense of belonging for you and your child. This connection is built on trust and respect by providing you with a passionate learning environment, which promotes acceptance. Here you and your child will feel nurtured and your child’s self-worth encouraged, to achieve their full potential

Begin your journey with Kindermusik (music classes for mums and bubs) as you and your baby begin to create your very own treasure chest of memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine entering a world of magic and adventure….a world where you can bond with your child through joyful music making experiences that take you away from the busyness of life and into your child’s world.

From little things, big things grow...Kindermusik allows you to be a part of your child’s journey in a heart warming environment from birth to 7 years. Along their journey your child may also become a “BTR Little Winner” as they discover Leap n Learn (Ballet Classes for 3-5 year olds). Alongside Kindermusik, Leap N Learn will see your preschooler thrive with Ballet Classes that will captivate and delight. Keep your little one on their twinkle toes as they journey through aworld of discovery where each week, dance and music classes feel like one new adventure after another.

It is now time to watch your child Believe, Transform and Rise! From the age of 7 years students have the opportunity to commence formal music lessons on Drums, Guitar, Ukulele, Strings and piano under the guidance of our trained BTR Team in a Private Lesson setting. See your child’s confidence grow as they progress through our annual Believe - Transform - Rise Concert Series. This event gives your child a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn the skills of performing and experience the personal growth that comes with this.

This just the beginning as the ‘little wins’ they experience at BTR, will empower them to extend these ‘little wins’ into lifelong victories. Take the leap today to ensure your little one thrives during these formative years.

Amanda Roche - Director

What our families love about us!

Recommending BTR to anyone is something I could do with great pride and confidence and “Highly Recommend”.

From the moment you walk into the door you are welcomed. The teachers are all fabulous, very professional, passionate and diligent who truly care about each and every student’s needs.

I see the dedication not only in the teachers but also the students, as they LOVE being there. We are proud to be part of BTR.

Leigh Critchlow, November 2016

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