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BTR Explores Disney and visits Hawaii these holidays!

Apr 17 2017

Wow! What an amazing holiday we have had this Easter Break. We travelled to Hawaii for our Ukulele workshop and brought a little bit of Disney magic to children through our Drama and Musical Theatre ‘Let’s Explore Disney Workshop’.

In Hawaii, we dressed like the Hawaiian’s do in our grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and hats. As children entered, they were greeted with the presentation of a ‘lay’ and had their travel photo taken. The next hour was spent learning the basic chords and songs on the Ukulele.

The enthusiasm for our Disney Workshop was infectious. The students spent two days rehearsing for their performance. However, it wasn’t all work and no play. The students were treated to some face painting, arts and crafts, pampering and games.

Enjoy a sneak peek in to our holiday workshops.

We look forward to sharing our next holiday workshop with you all!

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