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BTR goes to the Bundaberg Eisteddfod!

May 09 2017

The Bundaberg Eisteddfod is an annual event held in Bundaberg. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to perform and receive feedback in regards to their performance. 

We are so proud of our students who performed in the Eisteddfod for 2017! The most amazing part is to now see the growth in the confidence of these students and where this experience will lead them to next on their musical journey.

Congratulations to Layla Hills, Jada Critchlow and Michalina Konopka for being invited to perform in the Eisteddfod Gala Concert.

Some of the students will now be sitting their AMEB Examination in a weeks time. For these students the Eisteddfod was a well timed performance practise for this examination.

Meet our students who performed and our place recipients!

Speech and Drama Eisteddfod

Layla Hills: 
1st place - Memorised Verse Set Age (9 years), Poetry in Pairs Own Choice (9 years)
2nd place - Prose Reading Own Choice (9 years + under)

Jada Critchlow: 
1st place - Prepared Speech Own Choice (9 years), Poetry in Pairs Own Choice (9 years)
Highly Commended - Memorised Character Recital Own Choice (9 years), Memorised Prose Set Age (9 years + under), Impromptu Reading ofVerse (9 years + under)

Eli-Jackson Dempsey: Congratulations on your first performance in the Drama Eisteddfod

Music Eisteddfod

Maicie Fritz: Highly Commended - Bowed Instrument - Own Choice and Set Age 10 years and under

Emily Hung: Highly Commended - Set Age 10 years and under

Jordan Roche: Highly Commended - Piano Own Choice 8 years and under

Katya Dihn: HIghly Commended - Set Age 11 and 12 years

Mataus Williams: Congratulations on your first performance in the Eisteddfod

Carla Baxter: Congratulations on your first performance in the Eisteddfod

Kealey Clarke: 2nd place - Own Choice Musical Theatre 11- 14 years

Hannah Annesley: Congratulations on performing in three sections

Eli-Jackson Dempsey: Highly Commended - Own Choice Musical Theatre 11 - 14 years

Joan Sutton: Congratulations on performing in three sections 

Timothy Greig: Highly Commended - Any Orchestral instrument 16-18 years, 2nd place in Bowed Instrument Own Choice and Set Age 16- 18 years, Bursary Winner of $100, 1st place - Duet Any Two Instruments 16 - 18 years.

Michalina Konopka: 1st place - Any Orchestra Instrument, Bowed Instrument Own Choice, Set Age and Duet Any Two Instruments 16 - 18 years, Winner of the Most Promising Musician and Age Championship.

All students who performed in the local Eisteddfod's received a special gift from BTR. This gift is a 'Performance Shirt'. This shirt is earned once a student of BTR has completed their first performance. This can be in an Eisteddfod, Examination or BTR concert. 

The shirts represent their current period of achievement: Believe (Beginner) - Transform (Intermediate) - Rise (Advanced).