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BTR's Concert Series 2017!

May 27 2017

We are so excited to share with you the dates for our BTR Concert Series.

The BTR Concert Series consists of three concerts.

Believe - for our beautiful beginner students who have been learning for two years or less.
Transform - for our courageous students who are on the journey from beginner to advance student.
Rise - for our amazing students who have journeyed from the beginner to intermediate to advanced student. The 'Rise' concert allows students to perform a number of songs in more of a recital/gig style concert.

A gift for all of our performers!
We are so excited to share with you that all students who perform in one of these concerts will earn their BTR Performance shirt relevant to their level of achievement. This is to encourage and reward students for performing and allowing them to see their progress over time as they continue on their own musical journey!

Signing up to perform at one of the above concerts is easy. Your child's teacher will have a sign-on sheet for all students who wish to participate. These concerts are not compulsory, however students are encourage to perform as this enables them to improve and grow not only as a musician/performer but as a person too.

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