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May 13 2018

What a busy couple of weeks it has been at BTR!

We are so proud of all of our students who performed in the Bundaberg Speech and Drama Eisteddfod and Bundaberg Contemporary Music Eisteddfod and the Bundaberg Music Eisteddfod over the past couple of weeks. Congratulations to you all!

Here is a sneak peek into how BTR went!

Bundaberg Drama Eisteddfod:

Memorised Character Recital - Own Choice: Cooper Rutherford (1st Place)

Poetry in Pairs - Own Choice - 10-11 Years: Cadence Taylor & Kate Richardson (2nd Place)

Novice Light Verse - 9 years & under: Tye Critchlow  (1st Place)

Improvisation - 9 years & Under: Tye Critchlow (HC)

Memorised Light Verse - Own Choice - 10-11 years: Cadence Taylor & Jada Critchlow

Impromptu Reading or Prose - 10-12 years: Jada Critchlow (HC)

Memorised Character Recital - Own Choice - 10-11 Years: Jada Critchlow (HC)


Bundaberg Contemporary Music Eisteddfod:

Drum Kit Solo -Yr 6 & Under: Harrison Samways (1st Place)

Contemporary Vocal Solo 13-15 years: Kealey Clarke (2nd Place)


Bundaberg Music Eisteddfod:

Bowed Instrument Set Age - 16-18 Years  Own Choice: Michalina Konopka (1st Place)

Music Theatre - 11-14 Years. Own Choice from a stage or Screen Musical: Eli Dempsey (HC)

Piano Own Choice - 8 years and Under -  Sasha Bilwani (HC)

Bowed Instrument Set Age - 10 years and under - Own Choice: Maicie Fritz (2nd Place)

Piano Own Choice - 9-10 years: Anneleise Taylor & Zaily Ward (Highly Commended)

Bowed Instrument Own Choice  - 16-18 years: Michalina Konopka (1st Place)

Duet Any two instruments  - 12 years and under: Maicie Fritz & Emily Hung (Highly Commended)

Bowed Instrument - Own Choice - 11 & 12 years: Katya Dinh (2nd Place) and Elisabeth Pitt (Highly Commended)

Any Orchestral Instrument - 16-18 years Own Choice: Michalina Konopka (2nd Place)

Piano Set Age -9-10 years Own Choice: River Felstead (2nd Place), Zaily Ward & Anneleise Taylor (Highly Commended)

Non Championship Piano Section - 18 years and Under:  Hunter Chauvier (1st Place)


Gala Concert Awards

Michalina Konopka: Senior Bowed Instrument Age Champion and Bowed Instrument Encouragement/Potential Award

What a wonderful couple of weeks it has been!

Coming up in a couple of weeks we have AMEB Examinations and in Term 3 our annual Concert Series (Believe, Transform and Rise)!

Stay tuned (no pun intended) for more information!

Amanda Roche


BTR Performing Arts Academy