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BTR Concert Series FAQ's

Jul 16 2018

  1. What is the BTR Concert Series? The BTR Concert Series is a series of 2-3 concerts held in August each year. These concerts are based on our student journey of Believe, Transform and Rise.

  2. What is the Believe Concert? This concert is all about instilling the belief in our students that they can overcome the uncertainty they may feel before a performance (or if you think long term having to speak or perform in front of a small or large group of people). These concerts aren’t just about the music your child will be performing but growing and extending their little wins such as this performance into lifelong victories. Although this concert is based around the Beginner Student it is also a positive experience for children who have worked through the ups and downs of learning an instrument at this level and are nearly ready to move to the ‘Transform Level’ to realize and understand that they are more than comfortable at this level before moving on.

  3. What is the Transform Concert? This concert and level of achievement is probably the most challenging and longest developmental phases to be in. This phase lives into its name. It is when a lot of transformation is happening in many aspects of life, not just musically. This is a time when students want to quit, lose interest, lose motivation and focus. However, it really is one of the most important times in their development as a whole person to keep music as part of their lives. This a time when parents and teachers need to work together to guide students/children on this journey.

  4. What is the Rise Concert? You started out as a beginner and learnt to ‘Believe’. You ‘Transformed’ through the years of wanting to quit. And here you are! You have been invited to ‘Rise’ at BTR. You now have the opportunity to showcase your talent. In this gig/recital style concert you have your moment in time to perform for a 15-20 minute set. Imagine the feeling of the stage being yours and only yours for that time. A time when you can enjoy the result of all the consistent steps you took each day over time to get to where you are today. 

  5. Why is there 2-3 concerts? These concerts are held on 2-3 seperate evenings throughout August. As we all now some concerts can go on for hours! These concerts are designed to go from one to one and a half hours maximum. This way we can all stay and enjoy the efforts of all of the students. 

  6. How will I know my child is ready to perform? Your child and teacher will be your best guide in regards to this. A simple conversation with them will allow you and your child to decide if this is right for them at this time. Students are not forced but encouraged to perform. It is what is right for your child at this time on their musical journey.

  7. How long will the concerts go for? As stated above these concerts are designed not to last for hours. With concerts lasting between one to one and a half hours these concerts are sure to be enjoyed by all right to the very end!

  8. What if my child decides on the night they don’t wish to perform? Don’t stress! The BTR Team are here to help. This is common amongst children when performing. Once again, students will not be forced to perform however, our team will be there to support and encourage them every step of the way. Most times students overcome their nerves, fears and doubts and perform!

  9. What does my child need to wear? As this is a performance we encourage students to dress appropriately. 

  • Boys: Dress pants/shorts with a dress shirt or BTR Performance Shirt and closed in shoes (no thongs, boardshorts or hats)

  • Girts: Dress pants, top or BTR Performance Shirt (appropriate length and style), skirt/dress (appropriate length - especially if sitting down), closed in shoes (no thongs, short or skimpy clothing)

  1. What time do we need to be at the concert? All students should arrive 15 minutes before the concert for tuning and guidance regarding their performance in the concert.

  2. What do we need to bring/organise? Your instrument (if required) and music, backing tracks (these may also be supplied by your teacher). If your student requires an accompanist, this should be organised at least 1-2 months before the performance. It is important to ensure your accompanist is available and that you have time to rehearse with them. 

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