Welcome to BTR Little Winner's!

Are you ready for your little one to thrive through their preschool years?

BTR Little Winners will see your child flourish through dance and music classes that will enchant and delight. 

Keep your little one on their tippy toes as they discover a world where anything is possible with weekly dance and music classes that feel more like an adventure. 

Where will their next adventure take them? What will they do? Who will they see?

Perhaps it is a trip to the snow or an adventure across the lake to visit Grandma Kangaroo. Watch your  child’s smile beam as they whirl and twirl through a world that understands them. Blossoming in an  environment where playfulness and laughter are a part of every class.

Here you can feel reassured that ‘BTR Little Winners’ will honour your child’s ‘little wins’ while  receiving  an enriching education through developmentally designed programs. 

At BTR we are passionate about being the shining light in children's lives. Empowering the to extend  little wins into lifelong victories. Take the step today to ensure your little one is on their way to turning  their 'little wins' into a lifetime of victories. 

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About BTR Little Winner's!

BTR Little Winners is the place to be when it comes to receiving the best early childhood education for 3-5 year olds. By combining two of the best educationally enriched programs in Kindermusik Imagine That - Early Childhood Music Classes and Leap n Learn - Ballet Classes your child will dance, sing and act their way through these imaginative years while you have peace of mind knowing that each part of your child’s development is being fostered in every moment in class.

Only the best is good enough when it comes to early childhood education at BTR. Both Kindermsuik Imagine That and Leap n Learn have been designed with your ‘little winner’ in mind, by leading experts within the field of Early Childhood Education. 

Kindermusik is the world’s leading provider of music-based education for children from birth through age seven. Within these classes your ‘little winner’ will experience the power and joy of music making helping them to learn and grow during these years most critical to brain development. Your child too can become one of the millions of children Kindermusik has helped to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning for.

Leap n Learn combines the healthiest practices for teaching your ‘little winner’ ballet technique while simultaneously encouraging pretend play to maintain a positive and nurturing environment. Leap n Learn capitalises on the naturally occurring cognitive and neural development of your pre-schooler while acquiring motor, cognitive and social skills beneficial for life.

Simply enrol now by clicking on the ‘enrol now’ button below.

Take the step to ensure your little one is on their way to turning their ‘little wins’ into a lifetime of victories. 

Cost and Inclusions:

Cost: $158/month plus $35 registration fee and Dance Wear (TBA)

Requirements for classes:
Leap n Learn 
Boys: Shorts and BTR T-shirt (provided at time of enrolment)
Girls: Tights, Leotard and ballet shoes (provided at the time of enrolment)

Kindermusik Imagine That:
Comfortable clothing and completed at home activities when required
What’s Included:
Your free gift for boys: It's a surprise!
Your free gift for girls: It's a surprise!
Unlimited weekly Imagine That Classes 
Unlimited weekly Leap n Learn Classes
At Home Materials Kindermusik Imagine That
BTR Little Winners Welcome Pack
Performance Shirt - this is earned at your child’s first performance
Two tickets to the BTR Concert Series
One ticket per child enrolled for one of our school holiday programs

                                                                   Simply enrol now by clicking on the ‘enrol now’ button below.